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NMFAP ECHO Interactive Training Series


NMFAP ECHO was created in an effort to build a knowledge-sharing platform for judges, court staff, parent and children’s attorneys, social workers, child welfare agencies, community service providers, educators, and parents and families. The goal of NMFAP ECHO was to create a virtual community of child welfare system practitioners dedicated to improving the well-being of New Mexico’s children and families. 

NMFAP Virtual Community of PracticeThe platform built from the experience of the New Mexico Family Advocacy Program, which from 2018-2023 provided parents in child welfare cases an interdisciplinary team of lawyers, social workers, and parent mentors to give families enhanced advocacy and support for reunification or other preferred outcomes. The listing of presentation titles and associated resources are available below.  

Thank you to all of the presenters and participants who helped create this amazing community!


Tuesday Sessions


February 14
Evidence Based Practice: Why and How to Advocate (1.25 CEUs and 1.2 CLEs offered)
Presenter: Bryce Pittenger, LPCC, CEO of Behavioral Health Collaborative, State of New Mexico
March 14
Emotional Intelligence: The Ethics of Self-Regulation and its Impact on Clients and Others (1.25 CEUs and 1.2 Ethics CLEs offered)
Presenters: Anika Allen, Training and Development Specialist, CYFD
April 11
Responsible Parenting in the Age of Legalized Marijuana (1.25 CEUs and 1.2 CLEs offered)
Presenter: Dr. Colten Larsen, postdoctoral fellow, Gold Standard Forensics, LLC
May 16
Zealous Representation in a Collaborative Practice (1.25 CEUs and 1.2 CLEs offered)
Presenters: Leslie Jones, JD, CWLS, Cantrell Mosley, CYFD, Catherine Pavelski, CPSW, John Sanchez, LCSW, Cynthia Tessman, JD, CWLS, CYFD 
June 13 

Preparing Your Client to Testify using a Team Approach (1.25 CEUs and 1.2 CLEs offered)
Presenters: Barry Porter and Susan Burgess-Farrell, Burgess & Porter Law, LLC, Camille Hancock, LMSW, Queva Hubbard, CPSW  



February 8
Introduction to Mindfulness for Child Welfare Practitioners (1.25 CEUs offered)
Presenter: Elizabeth Bennett, LMSW, MPH, Program Manager, New Mexico State University’s Center of Innovation for Behavioral Health and Wellbeing
March 8
Youth Perspectives on Family Time (1.2 CLEs offered)
Presenters: Georgia Berrenberg, GAL/Youth Attorney with Young People, NMCAN
April 12
Getting Your Message to the Courts: Understanding the Legal Requirements of Evidence (1.2 CEUs offered)
Presenters:  Barry Porter and Susan Burgess-Farrell, Respondent Attorneys, Burgess and Porter Law, LLC
May 10
Working with Resource Parents as Allies
Presenter: Celestina Garcia, Resource Parent Training Supervisor, Workforce Development Bureau, Children, Youth, and Families Department 
June 15 
NMFAP Comprehensive Practitioner Training (Internal Training) 
July 12
Quality Evaluations to Support Quality Services for Complex Clients (1.2 CLEs offered)
Presenter: Dr. Julie Brovko, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist
August 9
CCIC Enhanced Family Time Initiative: Overview & Opportunities for Advocacy (1.2 CLEs offered)
Presenter: Honorable John J. Romero (Ret.)
September 13 
Individual Planning Process: CYFD Empowering Parents in Case Planning Decision Making (1.25 CEUs offered)
Presenter: Freida S. Baker, Executive Director, Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group
October 11
NMFAP Targeted CFSR Review: Stakeholder Report-Out
Presenters: Karla Young, LMSW and Nora Romo, LBSW, contracted quality assurance reviewers
November 15
System-Based, Trauma Responsive Information Gathering (1.25 CEUs and 1.2 CLEs offered)
Presenter: Dr. George Davis, MD
December 13
End of Year Practitioner All-Hands Meeting (Internal Meeting)
Presenters: NMFAP Administration and Lead Practitioners



February 16
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) & Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver: Issues for Respondents
Presenter: Peter Cubra, J.D., co-founder Advocacy, Inc. & John Bishop, Action Disability Representatives
March 16
Mental Health Experts in Child Welfare
Presenter: Susan Burns, LCSW, Clinical Social Work Consultant, NMFAP & John Duran, J.D.
April 13
Use of Visitation Hosts & Alternatives to Supervised Visits
Presenter: Cantrell Mosley, Sandoval County Office Manager, CYFD  
May 11
The State of Child Welfare in New Mexico: Legislative Updates 
Presenter:  Representative Gail Chasey
June 15 
Accessing Housing Opportunities in Albuquerque 
Presenter: Brian Eagan, Attorney, City of Albuquerque Housing Authority 
July 13
Making the Most of the First 60 Days 
Presenters: Leslie Jones, JD, CWLS, Lead NMFAP Attorney and Jill Cohen, LCSW, Director of Programs for the Colorado Office of Respondent Parents’ Counsel
August 10
Basic ICWA and Quality Representation
Presenters: Brian Ray, ICWA Court Attorney (RA/GAL/YA), and Bette Fleishman, Director of Pegasus and ICWA Court Attorney (GAL/YA)
September 14 
From Foster Parents to Resource Parents
Presenters: Darlene Dickson, CYFD Resource Parent & Vanessa Paul, LMSW, NMFAP Social Worker 
October 12
Out of Court Advocacy for Building Individualized Treatment Plans
Presenters: Zabrina Aleguire, Executive Director & Arielle Reisman, Senior Social Worker, East Bay Family Defenders
November 9 
Supporting Complex Clients
Presenter: Cristen Conley, Senior Attorney, Corinne Wolfe Center for Child and Family Justice
December 14 
NMFAP Year End Celebration!

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