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NMFAP ECHO Interactive Training Series


NMFAP ECHO is a knowledge-sharing platform for judges, court staff, parent and children’s attorneys, social workers, child welfare agencies, community service providers, educators, and parents and families. 

NMFAP Virtual Community of Practice

The platform builds from the experience of the New Mexico Family Advocacy Program, which provides parents in child welfare cases an interdisciplinary team of lawyers, social workers, and parent mentors so that families are given the proper advocacy and support for reunification or other preferred outcomes.

The goal of NMFAP ECHO is to create a virtual community of child welfare system practitioners dedicated to improving the well-being of New Mexico’s children and families.
NMFAP ECHO sessions are typically held once per month on the second or third Tuesday from noon to 1:15 p.m.  Sessions provide didactic presentations given by subject matter experts followed by Q&A and discussion.  These are open to everyone.  Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits are offered on some sessions and are indicated below in the training schedule.

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Supporting Complex Clients


Tuesday Sessions


February 16
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) & Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver: Issues for Respondents
Presenter: Peter Cubra, J.D., co-founder Advocacy, Inc. & John Bishop, Action Disability Representatives
March 16
Mental Health Experts in Child Welfare
Presenter: Susan Burns, LCSW, Clinical Social Work Consultant, NMFAP & John Duran, J.D.
April 13
Use of Visitation Hosts & Alternatives to Supervised Visits
Presenter: Cantrell Mosley, Sandoval County Office Manager, CYFD  
May 11
The State of Child Welfare in New Mexico: Legislative Updates 
Presenter:  Representative Gail Chasey
June 15 
Accessing Housing Opportunities in Albuquerque 
Presenter: Brian Eagan, Attorney, City of Albuquerque Housing Authority 
July 13
Making the Most of the First 60 Days 
Presenters: Leslie Jones, JD, CWLS, Lead NMFAP Attorney and Jill Cohen, LCSW, Director of Programs for the Colorado Office of Respondent Parents’ Counsel
August 10
Basic ICWA and Quality Representation
Presenters: Brian Ray, ICWA Court Attorney (RA/GAL/YA), and Bette Fleishman, Director of Pegasus and ICWA Court Attorney (GAL/YA)
September 14 
From Foster Parents to Resource Parents
Presenters: Darlene Dickson, CYFD Resource Parent & Vanessa Paul, LMSW, NMFAP Social Worker 
October 12
Out of Court Advocacy for Building Individualized Treatment Plan
Presenters: Zabrina Aleguire, Executive Director & Arielle Reisman, Senior Social Worker, East Bay Family Defenders
November 9 
Supporting Complex Clients
Presenter: Cristen Conley, Senior Attorney, Corinne Wolfe Center for Child and Family Justice
December 14 
NMFAP Year 2 Reflection and Celebration!
The schedule will continue to be updated as soon as future topics and presenters are confirmed.  


 Tuesday Sessions


Feb. 4
Group Case/Issue Processing: Advocacy for ‘Difficult’ Clients
*Private Training only open to NMFAP Practitioners 
Feb. 18
Appropriate Language for Child Welfare Cases
Presenter: Wendy Linebrink-Allison, MSW, MBA, NCPSS, Program Manager, New Mexico Crisis and Access Line
March 3
Group Issue/Case Processing: Related Domestic Relations and Child Support Cases
*Private Training only open to NMFAP Practitioners  
March 17
CYFD Program Improvement Plan (PIP) Updates
Presenters: Angela Baca, CYFD Quality Assurance Manager & Sarah Meadows, CYFD Research, Assessment and Data Bureau Chief
April 7
Group Case/Issue Processing: COVID-19 Response & Working Together 
*Private Training only open to NMFAP Practitioners
April 21
In and Out of Court Advocacy for Less Restrictive Visitation from Day One
Presenter: Esteli Juarez, Respondent/GaL/Youth and NMFAP Attorney in the 2nd & 13th JDCs
May 5
Group Case/Issue Processing: Advocacy for Relative Foster Placement 
*Private training only open to NMFAP Practitioners
May 19
Cultural Competency in Child Welfare Cases
Presenter: Amy Whitfield, Special Projects Coordinator, CYFD 
June 2
Group Case/Issue Processing: Advocating for Permanent Guardianship
*Private training only open to NMFAP Practitioners 
June 16
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Application to Child Welfare and Beyond
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Hamilton, LCSW, Deputy Director, Behavioral Health Services, CYFD & Diana P. Trujillo, LISW, LCSW, Behavioral Health Therapist, Albuquerque Girls Reintegration Center (AGRC)
July 7
Group Case/Issue Processing: Assisting Non-Offending Parents
*Private training only open to NMFAP Practitioners
July 21
Understanding the Fostering Connections Act 
Presenter(s): Hilari Lipton, Director of Transition Aged Youth, Farra Fong, Office of Transition-Aged Youth & Kelly O’Neill, Supervising Appellate
Attorney, CYFD 
Aug. 4
ICWA Courts and Cultural Competency 
Facilitated discussion with Special Master Catherine Begaye, 2nd Judicial District Court
Aug. 18
Psychotropic Medications in Child Welfare Cases
Presenter: Dr. George Davis, Supervising Child Psychiatrist, University of New Mexico Family Medicine Clinics
Sept. 1
Group Case/Issue Processing: How are we doing? Semi-annual Program Assessment & Review  
*Private training only open to NMFAP Practitioners
Sept. 15
Invoking the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in Child Welfare Cases
Presenter: Laurel Nesbitt, Staff Attorney, Disability Rights New Mexico 
Oct. 6
Group Case/Issue Processing: The ABA’s Interdisciplinary Parent Representation Webinar Re-broadcast 
*Private training only open to NMFAP Practitioners
Oct. 20
Introduction to CYFD’s Safety Assessment Tool
Presenter: Ashley Williams, CYFD Albuquerque Metro Region Office #4, County Office Manager 
Nov. 17
Advocating for Medically Assisted Treatments for Substance Use Disorders
Presenter(s): George Davis, M.D. & Andy Hsi, M.D.
Dec. 8
Group Case/Issue Processing: NMFAP Practice Guide Review
*Private training only open to NMFAP Practitioners

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