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New Mexico Family Advocacy Program

New Mexico Family Advocacy Program

NMFAP Resource Library 

Please note that not all sessions had resources and may not appear below.


Unless a closed session, most recordings of past ECHO sessions can be found on our NMFAP ECHO YouTube channel. (Please note that the channel is currently a work in progress.)

Session 34 | 11.17.2020 | Advocating for Medically Assisted Treatments for Substance Use Disorders
Andrew Hsi, MD, MPH & George Davis, MD

Session 33 | 10.20.2020 | Introduction to CYFD's Safety Assessment Tool

Ashley Williams, CYFD Albuquerque Metro Region Office #4, County Office Manager

Session 31 | 09.15.2020 | Invoking the ADA in CW Cases

Dept. of Health and Human Services & Dept. of Justice

Laurel Nesbitt, Disability Rights New Mexico Staff Attorney

Session 29 | 08.18.2020 | Psychotropic Medications in CW Cases
George Davis, M.D., Supervising Child Psychiatrist, University of New Mexico Family Medicine Clinics

Session 27 | 07.21.2020 | Understanding the Fostering Connections Act
Hilari Lipton, Director of Transition Aged Youth, Farra Fong, Office of Transition-Aged Youth & Kelly O'Neill, Supervising Appellate Attorney, CYFD

This form is for reference only and not a finalized form for use.

This form is for reference only and not a finalized form for use.

This form is for reference only and not a finalized form for use.

This form is for reference only and not a finalized form for use.

Session 25 | 06.16.2020 | Commercial Child Sexual Exploitation
Elizabeth Hamilton, LCSW, Deputy Director, Behavioral Health Services, CYFD & Diana P. Trujillo, LISW, LCSW, Behavioral Health Therapist, Albuquerque Girls Reintegration Center (AGRC)

Session 23 | 05.19.2020 | Cultural Competency in CW Practice
Amy Whitfield, CYFD Special Projects Coordinator

Session 21 | 04.21.2020 | In and Out of Court Advocacy for Less Restrictive Visitation
Maria-Estelí Juárez, Respondent/GaL/Youth and NMFAP Attorney in the 2nd & 13th JDCs

Session 20 | 04.07.2020 | COVID-19 Response & Working Together

Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

Session 19 | 03.17.2020 | CYFD Program Improvement Plan (PIP) Updates
Angela Baca, CYFD Quality Assurance Manager & Sarah Meadows, CYFD Research, Assessment and Data Bureau Chief

Session 18 | 03.03.2020 | Related Domestic Relations and Child Support Cases

Session 14 | 11.19.2019 | Interdisciplinary Practice: Challenges and Opportunities
Eden Karnes, LMSW, and Julie Suh, Esq., Center for Family Representation in New York

Center for Family Representation

Session 13 | 11.05.2019 | Releases of Information

Session 12 | 10.15.2019 | Psychotropic Medications in CW Cases
Janice M. Penn, Ph.D., APRN-BC, of the Guidance Foundation, Inc.

Session 11 | 09.17.2019: Cultural Competency & Humility in Child Welfare
Kee J.E. Straits, PhD, and Brenda Quinonez, LCSW, El Puente de Encuentros

Session 10 | 08.20.2019 | Legal Advocacy for Achieving Cornerstone Principles
Leslie Jones, J.D., CWLS, NMFAP Lead Attorney and Kathryn Brock, LMSW, NMFAP Social Worker

Session 9 | 07.23.2019 | Clinical Case Management: The Social Worker Role in an Interdisciplinary Team
Caitlin DiFiore, LMSW, NMFAP Lead Social Worker

Session 8 | 07.09.2019 | Washington State's Interdisciplinary Program
Brett Ballew, Managing Attorney, Washington State Office of Public Defense Parents Representation Program

Frank E. Vandevort, Robin Pott Gonzalez, & Kathleen Coulborn Faller

Session 7 | 06.25.2019 | Mental Health Issues in Child Abuse & Neglect Cases
Susan K. Burns, LCSW

Session 6 | 06.11.2019 | Impact of Changes to Federal Law on CW Practice
Beth Gillia, Director of the Institute of Public Law and its Corinne Wolfe Center for Child and Family Justice

Session 5 | 05.28.2019 | Parent Mentoring to Support Parents and Helping to Move Cases Forward
Queva Hubbard, NMFAP Parent Mentor Coordinator and Certified Peer Support Specialist

Session 4 | 05.14.2019 | Incorporating Trauma Responsive Care in Interdisciplinary Practice
Cristen Conley, JD, CWLS, and Senior Attorney, University of New Mexico’s Corinne Wolfe Center for Child and Family Justice

Deanna VanBuren, Yuval Berger, and Kimberly Fauss

Shawn C. Marsh, Dr. Alicia Summers, Alicia DeVault, & Guillermo Villalobos

Kathy Thompson, Iowa CIP; Allison McKenzie, Architect NCSC; Alicia Davis, CBCC; Melissa Gueller, CBCC; Eva Klain, CBCC; Scott Trowbridge, CBCC

Session 3 | 04.30.2019 | Psychosocial, Developmental, and Mental Health Obstacles to Parental and Family Success
Susan K. Burns, LCSW, NM School for the Deaf and former Field Education Coordinator

Session 2 | 04.16.2019 | Understanding IEP Law and Special Education
Matthew Montaño, Deputy Commissioner of Special Populations and Monitoring, Texas State Education Agency

Session 1 | 04.02.2019 | Colorado's Interdisciplinary Parent Representation Model
Jill Cohen, LSW, Director of Programs, Colorado’s Office of Respondent Parent Counsel (ORPC)